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What began as a writing project at school at the age of nine turned into a filmmaking adventure that launched my passion for using films to advocate for environmental causes. My films have garnered local, national and international awards over several years. They have been screened around the globe – from Toronto and Vancouver to Los Angeles and Brazil. With the advent of technology, living in a small community has not limited the distribution of my messages for environmental stewardship. I have been lucky enough to highlight the work of so many amazing individuals who work really hard for their various causes in order to preserve our world. This project is a culmination of the issues I’ve documented and the people who have inspired me to action.


We all share a passion for nature and a philosophy built on the idea that you can only care about what you know about. That is why the purpose of this foundation is to promote the kind of caring I’ve witnessed in so many others like the people featured in my films. They’ve all inspired me and now my hope is that you will become inspired and find your passions to act for the planet.


Using the films, art, and blog I’ve created together with the lesson plans I’ve developed, my hope is to educate and to motivate young people to environmental action and stewardship today in order to preserve nature for the future and in the process instill a lifelong desire to remain connected to it. By promoting an appreciation of nature and providing learning tools and resources for action, children can discover how easy it is to become involved in saving our environment. ​

Miranda Andersen



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