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I Could Really Use YOUR Help!!!

I have been lucky enough to have been selected as a finalist for a Me to We Award in their search around Canada for six people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others and thinking we before me! My nomination is in the Youth for Action (12 and under) category. I am the only nominee in B.C. You can go to to vote. To win I have to get the most on-line votes between May 24th and June 8th. This is an incredible opportunity to win $5,000.00 for the charity of my choice, which would be a local fish hatchery where I started volunteering four years ago. It was at the hatchery that I learned the importance of preserving and protecting nature and the living things that call it home.

This is a chance for me to go from “me to we” by giving back to my community and the environment that I am so passionate about protecting. So don’t delay VOTE TODAY!

If you want to find out more about Me to We and their efforts to make global change visit

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