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Whole New Hatchery

This December marks the two year anniversary of the fire that destroyed the Mossom Creek Hatchery in Port Moody. Well, a lot can happen in two years - and it has. The hatchery rebuild was completed this past summer and it's bigger and better than ever. The success of its reconstruction was the result of a community coming together; a community of volunteers, of businesses and a city made up of so many generous people who donated their time, their money, their expertise and their hearts to help realize a new vision of that special place in the woods that is Mossom Creek Hatchery. The building, the equipment it houses and the look of the place may be new, but the spirit of a community of people committed to keeping salmon in a creek, to educating youth about wildlife habitat and giving kids the experiences that will turn them into good environmental stewards has always remained. Somehow that spirit has grown into something bigger too. And that is what makes the hatchery so much more than a building.

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