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The Child In Nature

Well, it took a year to make but it’s finally done. My latest movie, The Child in Nature is all about nature deficit disorder, the subject of my TEDx talk in the fall. Richard Louv is featured in the film and I have him to thank for the topic since he created the term. Ruth Foster first introduced me to the concept of the disconnect between people, especially kids, and nature when I was 8 years old. The concept stayed in my mind for a long time so I decided to make a movie about it. Rich was kind enough to grant me an interview in California early last year and we’ve been communicating about the subject ever since. It was a hard movie to make because I got sidetracked a few times. First with homework, then with getting just the right footage and finally with all the editing I had to do because I switched to new filmmaking software which took a bit of getting used to. Click the image to view.

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