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Girl Power

The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology = SCWIST. Have you ever thought about becoming a scientist one day. Well, this non-profit agency encourages, supports and inspire girls and women to do just that. Their MS Infinity program is aimed specifically at girls. Here’s sample of how they help girls make connections with science.

Get hands-on with science – we hold conferences and workshops filled with fun activities, stories and games. These are all designed to bring science to life.

Feel inspired towards a career – the most exciting careers are often ones students have never even heard of. We introduce jobs from all areas of science in our role model programs and during our conferences.

Find support – girls get the support they need when deciding how to take their interest in science further with eMentor and role model programs.

Secure volunteering opportunities – we provide volunteering opportunities for both women in science-related careers and girls looking to get there in the future.

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