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Nature Kids

One of the great things about technology and social media is the way we can make connections with people all over the world. This has given me an opportunity to network with others who feel the same way that I do on many issues, especially environmental ones. Part of that networking comes from sharing information and sharing contacts. It was through this kind of networking and communicating that I met and got to work with Kenny Ballentine in California. I first posted about him in November of last year. Kenny is a filmmaker extraordinaire who happens to share a love of nature and the wish for children to spend more time in nature. He really practices what he preaches because he has a fantastic family that he does so much with in the great outdoors. Kenny has just completed his film Nature Kids and screenings for his movie will begin next month and the DVD will be available for purchase in the summer. You can watch some of the trailers for the movie at this vimeo channel or check out this website to discover the Nature Kids Institute.

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