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The Ceiling Can't Hold Them

Last spring I met four amazing guys. They set out last January to paddle, unassisted, across the Atlantic Ocean in their human powered boat. Why in the world would anyone try to make that journey never mind do it with only the power of two people, in four hour shifts to man the oars you ask? Well, their task was to study the ocean and share what they learned for audiences around the world. The Oar Northwest Expedition was sponsored by the Canadian Wildlife Federation and solar and wind powered instruments helped the crew in their tasks. Although they capsized before they completed their journey, they survived their ordeal in the water and they were able to recover the valuable data they had accumulated during their trip. Now they get to share their story with others in classrooms and at gatherings like the one I attended in Victoria that was put on by the CWF. Special thanks to Adam Kreek, Jordan Hanssen, Markus Pukonen and Pat Fleming for making a difference. Markus is a videographer himself and you can see his film trailer at

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